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“Protect & Defend” Hits 4 National Best Seller Lists!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big News! We are proud to announce:

Protect and Defend by Evan Farr

"Protect & Defend," co-authored by Evan Farr, was just released and has already made it on 4 Best Seller lists and ranked #1 in two categories! This book is making waves!

Many of the rights we enjoy as American citizens are unforeseen.  Evan Farr, one of the foremost national experts on elder law and Medicaid, has teamed up with attorneys across the nation to explain these unforeseen rights. 

Evan Farr's chapter is devoted to the Living Trust Plus™ Asset Protection Trust and is written in layman's terms for an easy read, though the subject matter is complex.  It is meant to provide the general public with information about the capabilities and features of the Living Trust Plus™ and is an excellent tool for licensed Living Trust Plus™ attorneys to give to their own prospective clients who would appreciate additional information on the trust's true asset protection powers.    


Co-Authors Include: About the Author: Yael N. Lazar, Esq., Mary King, Cary B. Bryson, Nick Nemeth, Roderick Polston, John P. Willis, IV, Anthony Parent, Jeffrey T. .Jones, James K. Gilland, John A. Cimino, Debra S. Shifrin, Francis M. Jackson, Ken Hardison, Michael Ponce, Jeffrey Andrew Luhrsen, Mark Carleton Blane, Donald Grey Lowry, George F. McCranie, IV, Damon Pendleton, Ben Glass, Gary Martin Hays, Brad Lakin, Mark Torok, Ken Nunn, Robert Dallas and Lance Drury

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